About Me

Hi my name is Zoe, nice to meet you. If you are reading this, its probably because you like what you see and you are considering me as your photographer. My aim is to give you the best memories of your day and I photograph weddings to produce images that are timeless. The images you will receive from me will be real moments and authentic. Nothing is staged or set up, I photograph what I see and each wedding is unique and personal to you.

Zoe Collyer

Photo by Eddie Judd

I can only capture genuine moments if you have trust in me. That stems from you getting to know me and me understanding you as a couple. This starts from the very first moment you see my work to long after your wedding day.

You probably want to make sure I’m a little bit normal before investing in me, so I’m going to tell you a few things about me and then you can decide if I’m “The one”

I read. Lots. I look through fashion magazines to get my inspiration and this in turn feeds my shopping habit, particularly handbags and I’m rather partial to the odd pair of shoes or two. I LOVE stationary, can never have enough and it has to match. I drink gallons of tea a day. I’m owned by two mischievous Siamese cats who make me smile and keep me company whilst working, mainly by sitting on my laptop! I have two naughty sausage dogs who parole the house and eat all my post. I have an amazingly supportive husband, we’ve been together for nearly 20 years. We married in Chelsea 10 years ago. We have two children who constantly keep us on our toes. I like sunshine and holidays and spending time with family & friends. I’ve got mild (although husband wouldn’t call it that) OCD, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’m very very organized.

So if none of that’s put you off and you think you might want me to photograph your day, drop me an email and we can organize an informal chat at my home in Surrey.