A day in the life of a fashion shoot

February 18, 2011

I’m fortunate enough to have some amazing fashion industry friends who all work their magic on models and celebrities on a regular basis.
I received a phone call on Sunday to ask if I fancied joining them for a shoot happening that following Monday. No Brainer – I jumped at the chance.

Now let me tell you this, I’m not an aspirational fashion photographer and I have no intentions of entering into this highly competitive industry but I knew I’d get a lot out of it, including valuable lighting experience.

I always think that if you learn just one thing from something you do then it’s worth it.  I had a brilliant day and enjoyed every part of it, even, if in reality all I did was observe, make some tea and order the pizza.  However I was able to document the day and try out a few behind the scenes snaps. Also, I got to hang out with my amazing girlfriends for the day, which made it totally fab U lous.

So next time you are flicking through your glossy fashion magazine and look at an advert or a fashion shoot, think about how many people are involved in making that image look like it does. Even I was astounded. I’m about to reveal in a series of images what goes on behind the scenes of a beauty/fashion shoot.


Credit where credits due.

Photographer – Gary Houlder
Stylist – Sophie Kenningham
MUA – Caroline Barnes
Hair stylist – Simon Izzard
Location house

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Samia Mazhar

Wow Zoe this looks amazing! I love doing shoots with creative people in the industry and your images captures the excitement you must have felt during the day. x

18 02 2011
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