A Valentines engagement session at The Silent Pool

February 14, 2011

Lesley and Sean are due to Marry at Horsley Towers in just two weeks time. They chose an area in Surrey, near Albury called the Silent Pool for their engagement photos.

The Silent Pool is quite mysterious and magical with crystal clear waters and definitely worth a visit. The silent Pool dates back to before 1662 and is considered to be a sacred site. It is linked to a folklore tale that says King John on his horse abducted a woodcutter’s daughter who was forced into the deep water and drowned. According to the legend, the maiden can be seen at midnight.

Rather Interestingly in 1926, it was linked to a young and distressed Agatha Christie, who used the Silent Pool to stage another short lived myth. On the evening of 3rd December 1926, following a marital row, Mrs Christie drove off in her car, which was later found at the Silent Pool car park. The car was abandoned, covered in frost with its headlights on. A huge hunt was then mounted involving hundreds of policemen. Her husband was a suspect in her possible murder but a week later Agatha Christie was found at the Hydro Hotel in Harrogate, claiming she had amnesia.

So there you go, quite a bit of history for the Silent Pool and the setting for our valentines engagement session. Let me swiftly shift the attention back to my couple, after that little bit of trivia.

Sean proposed to Lesley here on Christmas Day so it was really special to come back for their photos, except this time it was with me (not so romantic) and their beautiful 4mth old baby. It was also throwing it down with rain, far from ideal conditions for a shoot. Except for a few ramblers and the odd mountain bike we had the place to ourselves and it was very tranquil. I’ll let the pictures tell the story as I have gone on quite long enough!

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silent pool engagement session
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