Twas a week before Christmas and everything turned white

December 18, 2010

More snowy pictures on a very snowy Saturday. This is how my street & home looked after a few hours of snow this morning. All looking very magical.

The fat woodpigeons in the tree were looking very sorry for themselves & since 7.30am they’ve managed to eat a very full plate of seed that I left out for them & I had to dig the plate out of the snow twice. They may be cold but at least they have full tummies.

In Surrey, we’ve had about 6 inches in a very short time frame but cars and people seem to be getting about better than the last snowfall. I personally love the snow, when I don’t have to be somewhere important. I’m thankful that I did not have a wedding today and only had to re-schedule an engagement shoot. To all those out there braving the elements on this freezing day, stay safe.

I’m planning on a cozy evening in, with my mulled wine in front of the fire.

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